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Passivation Types

Cr+3  passivations have been formulated to form brightly colored layers with high resistance to zinc coatings.

As Mikrosan, we offers Cr+3  zinc passivation which provides unique protection against corrosion. Cr+6 passivations called “Hexavalent Chromium” do not exist in our company due to high toxicity rates. We prefer Cr+3 processes, which are particularly eco-friendly and capable of increasing torque and tension for cold formed components used in the automotive industry.

Cr+3 ; blue, yellow, black and green passivations are available. We also offer you passivations designed to comply with international directives.

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Mikrosan which builded up in Dörtyol Sanayi Sitesi in Sakarya in 1993. Today it continue to provide electro-galvanized zinc plating services in Sakarya and surrounding areas in 2200 m² open area and 600 m² closed area in Erenler Kozluk.

Our Contacts

Kozluk Mahallesi 2 no'lu Cadde No:10 54200 Erenler/Sakarya TURKEY

+90 (264) 353 56 31

Monday - Friday: 08:00 - 18:00

Saturday            : 08:00 - 16:00

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